My Korean Spa Experience……

So a couple of days ago my cousin Whit invited me to a Korean Spa. I didn’t have my daughter for the week (she’s in Jersey terrorizing grandma and grandpa) and had no other plans on a Friday night so it was a no brainer for me to accept. I’d never heard of a Korean Spa before so I relied on good ole google to get the details. After reading a couple of articles on this Korean Spa I realized I was going to have to get publicly naked, “it’s a Spa” you say, what’s the big deal?” The big deal is I’m still working on post baby body (yes over a year later) so to be butt-ass naked in public was not making me real comfortable, but I put my big girl panties on and proceeded to our appointment.

The venue was Chung Dam Spa & Fitness in Cheltenham, PA located on the border of Philadelphia. Upon arrival a pleasant young Asian receptionist greeted us and engaged in a little small talk then nicely asked us to pay first, and handed us towels and a robe. We proceeded to a back area where there were cubbies to put our shoes and another older Asian woman guided us into the next room. Now here is where the fun began, this room was a more open area where we received lockers to put our clothes and belongings and here is where you also strip down naked. Still nothing too crazy yet we had our robes to put on until we started our treatments. However, the robes didn’t stay on very long, we were told to go through glass doors into what I’m going to call the “water area”. This room housed multiple showers, about 3 hot tubs, a few massage tables and a sauna. At the time there were no other customers in this particular room but from what I read typically there would be other naked clients present as well receiving services. The water area is where we dropped our robes and the naked shenanigans began.

First you take a shower basically to rinse off, there was body wash available if you wanted (needed) it. I showered prior to the appointment so I chose to just rinse very well. After the shower we proceeded to a hot tub where we sat for about 5-10 minutes. Side note, I didn’t mention it was that time of the month for me so the whole time I am walking around naked I am paranoid that the string from my tampon is hanging and everyone can see, SMH!
Anyway, we get out of the hot tub and 2 Asian women wearing bathing suits, probably in their late 40’s early 50’s tell us to come to the area where the massage tables are located. We lay on the tables and they proceed to pour what seemed like a bucket of warm water over our body, from our feet up to our necks. After the rinsing, you get lathered and scrubbed down with exfoliating gloves. In my opinion this was the best part of the whole treatment. I mean they hit every possible nook and cranny of your body, with the exception of the Va Jay Jay and between the booty cheeks but they get pretty close. After about 45 minutes of scrubbing, rinsing, scrubbing and more rinsing, you shower again then hit the sauna. Now the sauna was my least favorite part, it was just too damn hot.

Next is the massage, I was looking forward to this part. First the ladies covered our faces with cool cucumbers that forced a good amount of juices to flow down my face into my eye but it felt good. While the cucumbers are doing their thing, the ladies begin literally rubbing you down with lotion mixed with some water as if they were just trying to rub in the lotion, it didn’t feel much like a massage. Occasionally, she would slow down and do actual massage technique around the upper and mid trap areas as she tells me how tense I am (as if I didn’t already know). There was about 30 minutes of the massage/rub down with a little smacking tossed in every now and then in random areas. After the massage you rinse and shower one last time and then dry off. To conclude the relaxation you choose either a hot or warm room that was basically dark with a night light effect that had blocks set up on the floor for you to lay down and rest your head for as long as you want.

Overall, my Korean Spa experience was a good one that I definitely recommend, my skin felt clean, smooth and baby soft (almost). Once you get past the birthday suit only uniform, to spend $80 for a 90 minute service, was absolutely worth it. Sorry fellas there are no happy endings here, just good wellness services. The spa offers various services, I only experienced the scrub and massage but I plan to return to try some of the other treatments. Stay tuned!


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