Bae’s, THOT’s, Emoji’s…Oh My!

It’s no secret that today’s culture is technology driven and dominated by social media. Our need for quick responses and immediate gratification have caused confused emojiMillennials to adopt a new language consisting of acronyms and abbreviations.

I realize at 31 years of age, I am slowly falling behind the times. How do I know? I just learned what the acronym “Bae” stands for,” Before All Else.” Did you know that?
I’m not completely clueless, I did know it was a term of endearment for the boo thang, but I simply thought it was the lazy version of saying “baby”.  Just one of many terms that I have no clue what it means and regularly have to research.

Am I the only one who feels like they are slowly becoming “a mom”, should I be proud that I am still able to speak in full sentences?  Raising a future expert of this growing language, I feel it’s my duty to understand what a “THOT” is, so I can decode Miss Jordyn’s conversations with her friends and back slap discipline her if I need to. I plan to stay one step ahead of my little princess, but does that mean sacrificing time and energy to stay in the know? Am I allowed to Whip and Nae Nae with the best of them, and line dance at the cabaret while staying on fleek (I think I used that right).

Thank goodness for sources like Google and Siri and having a teenage niece to ask those s
omewhat embarrassing questions. I suppose it’s no different than when our parents were 30 and 40 some things asking us what “fly” and “word up” means. I guess I should be happy that I am in an era where the world wide web can answer almost any question I
may have, our parents weren’t so lucky.

Maybe I can secretely be a “hip” parent.  Making sure I can have an adult conversation about my portfolio with the financial planner as well as understand the tweet I just received.  Am I alone? Anyone else feel this way? Leave your comments below.
XOXO Mommy Stylez


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