Last week’s #MealPlanMonday Repost

clean eating

Hi everyone!!! It’s been a little while since my last post but I’m back……
I was inspired by a clean eating challenge that I’m involved in to post my meal plan for the week. This plan is cost effective and it uses leftovers for multiple meals and keeps me from eating out. I hope this may inspire someone. Feel free to switch things up, you don’t want to get bored eating the same thing over and over again. Lack of variety will cause you to deviate from your plan and your ultimate goal.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast Oatmeal, toast, hot green tea Oatmeal, Green tea, grapes Egg scramble with spinach and left over salmon patty Canadian bacon, Toast, grapes


Oatmeal, toast, Green tea Egg scramble with spinach and left over salmon patty
Snack 2 graham crackers, Apple, water 2 Graham crackers, water 2 Hardboiled Eggs, apple, water Cheese stick

2 Hardboiled eggs

Green Tea

Cheddar cheese stick, 1 cup of grapes, water Will be attending a birthday party earlier in the day
Lunch Spinach salad w/avocado and mozzarella cheese Avocado and hardboiled egg cut up and mixed together Half peanut butter sandwich, cheese stick Grilled chicken pita with spinach with shredded Mozarella Half peanut butter sandwich, apple, water
Dinner Baked salmon patty, corn, and sweet potato Baked Salmon patty, corn, string beans Grilled chicken, squash, zucchini, Salmon burger, squash, zucchini Grilled chicken salad, hardboiled egg
Evening snack Cheddar cheese stick, 1 cup of grapes, hot tea Popcorn, water 2 Graham crackers Popcorn 2 Graham Crackers

Throughout the course of the week, I will be doing some sort of exercise/workout. My goal for clean eating is weight loss and becoming a healthier person by making better food choices.


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