Time Management refresher!!


About two years ago, I switched companies and started working in home care. This was a position that allowed me to be a lot more flexible and Independent with my work schedule. This was a good thing, but it also meant I had to be accountable for myself. I have to make sure I make my schedule daily so all patients get seen and all paper work is completed timely when I get home. Let me tell you, when you are allowed to work at home, procrastination comes way too easy. I’m human, so I absolutely did procrastinate and paid for it on the weekends. Time management was something I had to learn in college, but once I graduated, it went under the radar again.  IOn top of that, a year later I went and had a baby. Now I not only had to manage myself but now another human being….Cray Cray!

Generally speaking my day consists of morning routine, work, kid/mommy time, more work, house work, next day prep and bedtime routine. If I break this down even more, my anxiety will creep back up, and nobody has time for that. I quickly got my ish together and figured out ways to keep me on schedule and on time, so I can get things done without having a panic attack. Below are quick, simple, realistic suggestions that keep me on track. I’m no longer spending my life constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This allows me to work and play, even if my play means just lying across the bed doing nothing. I earned it! I hope this helps some of you readers out there.

1. Have a plan- each week I make a generalized plan of what needs to be done by the end of that week. This includes daycare stuff, appointments, meetings, work things, chores and errands.

2. Write it down- At 31 my memory is shot and if I don’t write things down I will forget. It’s too easy not to either write something down quickly, type a list in your phone, screen shot a picture or whatever to help you remember. Writing things down also allows me to get a visual of what needs to be done. This keeps my stress level down and as I complete tasks I make sure to cross them off my list. The shorter the list, the better I feel.

3. Daily lists- We already know what needs to get done for the week, but that needs to be broken down into specific, shorter, doable lists. This allows you to complete a few things everyday so you don’t feel overwhelmed. This way, come Saturday you don’t have 20 things to do and can’t enjoy your weekend : ).

4. Allot windows of time to complete tasks- I allow myself 20 minutes to drop a load of laundry in the wash and fold a load. I give myself one hour to complete paperwork before picking up the kid. This allows me to meet a goal within a time frame so I have time later to do other things. This further keeps me from procrastinating.

Here is a small example of a weekly list and then 2 daily lists. Break them down however you need to. If you have to run errands you may want to go to locations that are near each other on the same day. You may want to have your weekly list completed by Thursday. There is no right way as long as it improves your day to day.

Weekly Goals

  • Food shopping
  • Pay bills
  • Buy Halloween costume
  • Finish 3 online courses
  • Cleaners/Laundry
  • Bank
  • Gym

Monday Goals

  • Food shopping
  • Purchase costume
  • Wash babies’ clothes

Tuesday Goals

  • Pay bills
  • Finish 1 online course
  • 30 minute workout

MommyStylez : )


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