2016 Resolutions

New-Years-Resolutions-PhotoHello from the other side (in my Adele voice). I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and making the most of it however and whatever you celebrate. I am enjoying family time which is what I like most about the holidays. I’m also thinking about what I want my 2016 to look like. What needs to be different or stay the same in my life that I can control. I hope this article brings a little Sunday motivation and/or inspiration.

I’m sure like me, you are making New Year’s resolutions. Drop 20 pounds, work out more, spend more time with family, stop talking about people, etc. While these are all good goals to work toward, are you truly making realistic resolutions? Do you understand how to achieve your resolutions? One of the definitions for the word resolution is “To solve a problem.” Another definition is “A decision to do something or behave in a certain manner. “ Keep these definition in mind when making your resolutions.

Obviously we make weight loss goals because we are not at an ideal weight. You plan to spend more time with family because you’re not putting in enough time now. Most of us make the resolution and that’s where it begins and ends. The gym is crazy crowded the month of January and it slowly starts to die down as February approaches……all those weight loss resolutions quickly not being resolved.
This year when you make your resolutions make sure to thoroughly understand the problem and why you have to make the resolution in the first place. You knew all last year you needed to lose weight but didn’t, what’s going to change in 2016? Break it down a bit further and you may actually achieve that resolution. I’m not at an ideal weight because I eat too much and don’t exercise, but I don’t exercise because I’m tired and don’t make time in my day to do so. We can easily make goals and resolutions, but we can just as quickly talk ourselves out of completing them. Everyone in the world has a problem or something that can be improved on but only a few succeed at doing that. Not for lack of ability but for lack of planning and remaining motivated and determined.

Steps to your New Year resolves include 1. Figure out the problem 2. Make your resolution 3. Plan concrete steps to work toward that resolution (start now) 4. Put your plan into action (Remember you have 12 months to complete) 4. Success 5. Figure out your 2016 problem for your 2017 resolutions : )

XOXO Mommy Stylez


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