Last days of summer cocktail!!

Good Sunday!  I hope you had a great weekend and are preparing for a great week.  I enjoyed a girls’ weekend with my mom and daughter, filled with pumpkin picking, arts and crafts festival, state fair type food and a little live music.  I will miss these outdoor activities when the summer is over, they are my favorite weekend activities especially with Ms. J.

As this summer comes to an end, I plan to post a weekly cocktail segment for quick,easy libations to satisfy your weekend indulge or that much deserved Manic Monday drink.  Thirsty Thursdays, Turn Up Tuesday? I will figure out a cute name for the segment eventually.  For those of you who do not take part in alcoholic beverages I will toss in some fun mocktails as well.

This week I chose something pretty simple with a couple of items I already had in my cabinet.  Drum roll……………..It’s a whiskey Sangria! I am not a Whiskey drinker but this Sangria is delicious.



  1. White or Red Wine of choice, preferrably something sweeter  ( I used White Zinfandel)
  2. Bourbon Whiskey (I used Jamison)
  3. Red and Black Berries

How To:

Add a couple of berries to a wine glass or mason jar and muddle them at that bottom of the glass. Fill the glass with ice, add the wine about 1/3 of the way.  Add a shot of whiskey (add more or less to your liking, but don’t let it over power the drink).  Lastly, add a few more berries to the glass for flavor and presentation.  Bottoms up!

Comment and let me know what you think of this cocktail. If you have any suggestions for drinks alcoholic or non, feel free to contact me or suggest in the comment section.

Mommy Stylez XOXO


Bae’s, THOT’s, Emoji’s…Oh My!

It’s no secret that today’s culture is technology driven and dominated by social media. Our need for quick responses and immediate gratification have caused confused emojiMillennials to adopt a new language consisting of acronyms and abbreviations.

I realize at 31 years of age, I am slowly falling behind the times. How do I know? I just learned what the acronym “Bae” stands for,” Before All Else.” Did you know that?
I’m not completely clueless, I did know it was a term of endearment for the boo thang, but I simply thought it was the lazy version of saying “baby”.  Just one of many terms that I have no clue what it means and regularly have to research.

Am I the only one who feels like they are slowly becoming “a mom”, should I be proud that I am still able to speak in full sentences?  Raising a future expert of this growing language, I feel it’s my duty to understand what a “THOT” is, so I can decode Miss Jordyn’s conversations with her friends and back slap discipline her if I need to. I plan to stay one step ahead of my little princess, but does that mean sacrificing time and energy to stay in the know? Am I allowed to Whip and Nae Nae with the best of them, and line dance at the cabaret while staying on fleek (I think I used that right).

Thank goodness for sources like Google and Siri and having a teenage niece to ask those s
omewhat embarrassing questions. I suppose it’s no different than when our parents were 30 and 40 some things asking us what “fly” and “word up” means. I guess I should be happy that I am in an era where the world wide web can answer almost any question I
may have, our parents weren’t so lucky.

Maybe I can secretely be a “hip” parent.  Making sure I can have an adult conversation about my portfolio with the financial planner as well as understand the tweet I just received.  Am I alone? Anyone else feel this way? Leave your comments below.
XOXO Mommy Stylez

She did it again!

serena williams
As most of you probably predicted, Serena Williams beat out big sis Venus in the quarterfinals. At the very end of the last set, Serena gave off this vibe like she knows she’s about to win but was almost reluctant to finish her (in my Street Fighter voice).  Did anyone else get that?

Kudos to a great match.  The world was able to watch two black girls who were not fighting, yelling or cursing each other out but instead engaging in athletic, strategic, healthy competition.  One of the commentators at the match said Venus and Serena were the backbone of tennis.  I thought this was a powerful statement, and definitely a true statement.

To all my ladies, let’s keep the healthy competition going.  Goodnight!

Mommy Stylez